One DCG project - Catalan

ID  2020-1727 국가   Spain
게시된 날짜  06-24-2020 도시  Nationwide
범주  Search Engine Evaluation 마감일 
언어  Catalan - Valencian

이 업무에 대한 더 상세한 정보:


Teemwork is looking for a Online Search Evaluator to join our team in Spain. As an evaluator, you are responsible for rating the content returned by search engines, using in-depth local knowledge of current events, pop culture, news, media and history. This position gives you the opportunity to participate in a long-term project focused on improving the web experience for your country. You will have flexible working terms and work from the comfort of your own home.

업무 내용:

- Query search engines based on a pre-defined list of key words and websites - Determine the relevancy of results based on a rating scheme
- Contribute your local knowledge to further examine the relevancy within your local market
- Your feedback is used to improve and refine the results of the search engine to improve everyone’s user experience
- Non-technical – we provide you full training for the position

지원 자격:

- Fluent level proficiency in Catalan and advanced level in English
- Residing permanently in Spain
- High-level of awareness of  Spanish contemporary culture 
- Responsible and results-driven 
- Capable of working in flexible schedule conditions 
- Personal computer running Windows OS (Windows XP/Older Windows OS or Other OS are NOT compatible) 
- Stable, high-speed internet connection 
- General proficiency with computer and web applications   - At least 18 years of age

근무 조건:

- 10-25 hours per week, on a flexible schedule (Part-time/Work-from-Home)
- Free training provided as part of the application process
- Independent contractor employment
- Perfect for those looking for a flexible schedule and work-life balance