Online Crowd Worker - Thailand

ID  2020-1768 국가   Thailand
게시된 날짜  09-16-2020 도시  Nationwide
범주  Web Judging 마감일 
언어  Thai

이 업무에 대한 더 상세한 정보:


We are looking for Online Crowd Workers to join our global crowdsourcing team. As a Crowd Worker you will receive a diverse number of online tasks such as data verification and correction, speech collection, natural language data collection and survey-based tasks which require for completion your market knowledge and language expertise.

업무 내용:

- Tasks vary; we expect you to use the power of your local knowledge to understand, interpret and provide constructive input in accordance with task instructions.
- Tasks and guidelines are provided via an online platform. Stable internet connection is required.

지원 자격:

- Speaks Thai at an idiomatic level
- Can read and follow English language instructions
- Residing permanently in Thailand - At least 18 years of age
- High-level of awareness of contemporary culture (current events, news, media, and history)
- Responsible, committed, results-driven and detail-oriented
- Capable of working flexible schedules
- Stable internet connection
- General proficiency with computer and web applications  

근무 조건:

Compensation varies per task and task complexity. This is an independent contractor position.