Audio Collection - American English

ID  2020-1780 Country   United States
Posted Date  01/14/2021 City  Nationwide
Category  Speech Recognition Application Deadline 
Language  English

More information about this job:


We are currently starting a new audio collection project that will focus on different accents that both native and non-native English speakers have. The task will take about 2 hours to complete and can be done remotely using your laptop. The purpose of this project is to gather data that will help in development of voice recognition software for one of our main clients.  
Each participant in this project will receive a set of short sentences in text form (for example: “Search for weather updates”) to record using a computer. Participants can divide the 542 utterances into 2 parts to complete, once the participants complete the first part (271 utterance texts) and the recordings of this part are approved by the client, we will release half the payment (USD 30) and we will ask the same participant to complete the second part (another 271 utterance texts), and pay another USD 30 if the second part is approved by the client. 


- In this project you will:
- Read and follow our guidelines.
- Record the set of utterances in a quiet environment
- Upload the collected audios in a zip format as explained in guidelines.


- Requirements to participate:  

- English Speakers (first or second language spoken)
- Second Language spoken:   

- Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese)
- Indian (all Indian langauges including but not limited to Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, etc.)
- Spanish 

- A computer to export the recorded audios    

Employment Conditions:

- Duration:
This project is a one-time collection. Each participant will be asked to record the 540+ utterances only once. The task can be finished in 1.5 to 2 hours. 

- 60 USD total payment
- 30 USD for one set, there are 2 sets of 271 utterances to complete
- 5 USD referral bonus for every new active participant recommended
- Payments will be made bi-weekly via Payoneer/PayPal/IACH
- Please note: The participants will be paid after the client accepts the recorded set.
If you are interested in taking part please fill the application in the following link
For first time applicants please click on: "First use, please Register."
After receiving your submission the project team will then contact you with further information regarding the next step.