Video Collector - New Zealand

ID  2020-1784 Country   New Zealand
Posted Date  12/17/2020 City  Nationwide
Category  Crowdsourcing Application Deadline 
Language  English

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At, we hire talented people around the globe who have skills in languages and technology to provide deep market insight for our services. We provide a true work-life balance - with flexible schedules and the convenience of employment from your own home.    
In order to continue our accelerated growth, we are currently looking for participants in New Zealand willing to collaborate with us on a video collection project.  We are interested in people who can provide a variety of videos of different lengths (1 min. or 2 min.)       -      


Videos should fall into one or more of the listed categories, include at least 3 types of camera movements, capturing 3-5 different contents (different viewpoints, different events, etc.) in the single video, with each content having something as the focus (highlight). Videos should also include some un-interesting parts.  


Video Categories  
- Holiday Celebration
- Party or Events (e.g. Birthday Party, Anniversary Party, Wedding, etc.)
- Trip Activity/Hiking/At the beach/Diving/Sports/Entertainment (e.g. Disneyland)
- Performances
- Night out
- Cooking/Gardening
- Having Meals (at home or Restaurant)
- Gatherings
- Pets or Children playing, having meals, activities (dance, walk, run, school activities, etc.).
- Concerts/Festivals
- Landscapes (Daytime, night time, waterfalls, forest, wildlife, sunrise/sunset, birds flying or moving)
 Basic components/concepts:
- Camera Movements: Pan Left, Pan Right, Tilt up, Tilt down, Zoom/Dolly, Stable, Rotate, Translation, Moving towards an object, camera following an object/person
- Scenes: with human/pets/objects moving in scene, scenery captures, with subtle movements (e.g. fireworks, waterfall, smoke, fire, etc.)
- Uninteresting frames/clips: capturing something without meaningful context (something you would not want to show in your photo album), such as shooting onto grass, ground, fast-moving cameras, over-exposed or under-exposed content, out-of-focus content.
-indoor/outdoor Env

- Indoors / Outdoors / Mixed
- Lighting Conditions

- dark to bright (low/medium/high/backlight)
- videos spanned throughout the day
- Camera Orientation

- landscape or portrait distribution 50/50
-Mobile Devices

- iOS and non iOS
 Following quality check collectors will be paid for submitted videos via PayPal/Payoneer in their own currency. You can submit as many videos as you wish. 
 1 minute videos will be reimbursed : USD 2.74 
 2 minute videos will be reimbursed : USD 3.43

Employment Conditions:

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