Speech Collector - Mexican Spanish

ID  2021-1832 국가   Mexico
게시된 날짜  03-24-2021 도시  Nationwide
범주  Linguistics 마감일 
언어  Mexican Spanish

이 업무에 대한 더 상세한 정보:


Teemwork.ai is currently looking for native Spanish participants from Mexico to join our new Speech Collection.   

업무 내용:

The goal of this project is to capture spoken utterances from adults in a variety of languages, including Mexican Spanish, in a home or office environment to be used to develop speech recognition technology.   As participant, you will be asked to record yourself for 1 hour following specific insctrutions.   

지원 자격:

- Native proficiency of Mexican Spanish
- Computer with recording capabilities  

근무 조건:

- Work from home
- Competitive task based rate