Video Collection - Japan

Identifiant  2021-1837 Pays   Japan
Date de publication  04/06/2021 Ville  Nationwide
Catégorie  Crowdsourcing Date limite 
Langue  English

En savoir plus à propos de ce poste:

Aperçu: is currently looking for participants with an iOS or Android to work with us on a new video collection.   Provided video data will be used to train neural networks or machine learning algorithms to better detect features of the human body or certain actions. 


Interested participants will be asked to provide 10 video recordings with specific requirements. Full details will be provided.   Each video should be 1-2 minutes and capture life moments such as cooking, gardening, having meals, etc.


Located in Japan Have access to a smartphone (iOS or Android)

Conditions d'emploi:

-   Work from home -  $50.00 USD per 10 videos