Video Collection - Mexico

ID  2021-1838 국가   Mexico
게시된 날짜  04-07-2021 도시  Nationwide
범주  Crowdsourcing 마감일 
언어  English

이 업무에 대한 더 상세한 정보:

개요: is looking for participants with an iOS or Android device for a video collection project. Participants should be located in Mexico

업무 내용:

Participants should have access to a smartphone with iOS or Android and complete 10 video recordings with specific requirements. Initial requirement is 10 videos. Each video should be 1-2-minutes long and capture life moments such as a holiday celebration, party/events, performances, cooking, gardening, having meals, etc. Your provided video data will be used to train neural networks or machine learning algorithms to better detect features of the human body or certain actions.

지원 자격:

- Located in Mexico
- Access to a smartphone

근무 조건:

- -      Work from home
- $30.00 USD  per 10 videos (Payment will be issued after your recordings are approved).