Nutritionists - Worldwide

ID  2021-1895 국가   Worldwide
게시된 날짜  10-13-2021 도시 
범주  Information Technology 마감일 
언어  English

이 업무에 대한 더 상세한 정보:


We are currently looking for Nutritionist professionals to collaborate with us on a new project. We are bringing together a platform where Health professionals will get a chance to have a digital presence and answer health related querie

업무 내용:

- Professionals will provide answers to questions (4-5 lines of text) which are searched for by users.
- We are looking for resources who can support providing answers as needed for the next 6-12 months.
- You must agree to allow your online profile e.g. LinkedIn or Instagram account, accompany with your answer along with a picture of yourself (LinkedIn picture, for example). Your answers will be published on a renowned internet search engine, and this can be used to generate additional business for yourself as people may review your answers and click on your LI profile, personal website if you have one, or Instagram.

지원 자격:

- Bachelor’s degree in nutritional science, dietetics, or relevant field.
- Communication skills, including the ability to explain complex things simply
- Business skills for freelance work
- Very good grammar and writting skills
- Fast learning skills of new processes and tools

근무 조건:

- Part time commitment
- Independent contractor employment