en-US Meeting Chaptering - USA

ID  2022-1904 국가   United States
게시된 날짜  01-01-1900 도시  Bellevue
범주  Crowdsourcing 마감일 
언어  American English

이 업무에 대한 더 상세한 정보:


Teemwork.ai is looking for participants involving material in the following domains: Education, Finance, Government, Others.

업무 내용:

Project will involve working with transcribed content of the meetings, identifying and annotating topics. Training will involve specific examples of what you can expect to see while working, this will prepare you for every eventuality.

지원 자격:

BA/BS degree, English literature or Journalism background preferred. Windows pc system. 

근무 조건:

Being English Native speaker from US and a stable weekly commitment.