Yoga Expert - Worldwide

ID  2022-1928 국가   Worldwide
게시된 날짜  01-01-1900 도시 
범주  Information Technology 마감일 
언어  English

이 업무에 대한 더 상세한 정보:


We are currently looking for Yoga Experts to collaborate with us on a new project. We are bringing together a platform where Health professionals will get a chance to have a digital presence and share yoga/health content supported with videos. 

업무 내용:

- Professionals will create yoga/health content supported with videos.
- You must agree to allow your online profile e.g. LinkedIn or Instagram account, accompany with your answer along with a picture of yourself (LinkedIn picture, for example). Your answers will be published on a renowned web portal, and this will help you build a global presence, show case your expectise and get leads. 

지원 자격:

- Professional certifications and previous work experience 
- Ability to instruct and motivate people
- Excellent communication skills
- Business skills for freelance work
- Very good grammar and writting skills

근무 조건:

- Part time commitment
- Independant contractor employment