Travel Specialists - Worldwide

ID  J-2023-0015 Country   Worldwide
Posted Date  06/06/2023 City 
Category  Information Technology Application Deadline 
Language  English

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We are currently looking for Travel Specialists to collaborate with us on a new project. We are bringing together a platform where Travel Specialists will get a chance to have a digital presence and review Travel topics.


- The primary responsibilities involve reviewing and correcting the content in the following areas: -Grammar, spell checks, and fluency: Ensuring the content adheres to proper grammar rules, conducting spell checks, and ensuring overall fluency in the language used. -Correctness of information: a. Validating the presence and availability of attractions and experiences mentioned in the content for a particular destination. For example, descriptions of Hyderabad should not include attractions or activities such as jet skiing or Red Fort, as they are not relevant to the location. b. Verifying the accuracy of location descriptions. It is essential to ensure that descriptions correctly represent the characteristics of the place. For instance, describing Hyderabad as a peaceful coastal town with beautiful beaches and emerald green waters would be incorrect.
- We are looking for resources who can support providing answers as needed for the next 6-12 months.
- You must agree to allow your online profile e.g. LinkedIn, accompany with your answer along with a picture of yourself (LinkedIn picture, for example). *Your answers will be published on a renowned internet search engine, and this can be used to generate additional business for yourself as people may review your answers and click on your LI profile.


- Background in travel content writing or proven experience as Travel Specialist
- Communication skills, including the ability to explain complex things simply
- Business skills for freelance work
- Very good grammar and writing skills
- Fast learning skills of new processes and tools

Employment Conditions:

- Part time commitment
- Independent contractor employment