Speech Data Collection - English (Australia)

ID  J-2023-0019 Country   Australia
Posted Date  10/25/2023 City 
Category  Data Collection Application Deadline 
Language  English

More information about this job:


Teemwork.ai is currently looking for native Australian English speakers to join us on a short speech data collection (one-off task). This project involves gathering and measuring audio data. Data will be used to understand and process audio input, making virtual assistants and other AI programs more user-friendly.


You will be required to record 100 shorts phrases in English. Work will complete online from a computer or Smart phone. Full details will be provided. Duration: 25-30 minutes


-Must be native English speakers from Australia -Must be located in Australia -Have access to a computer -Able to meet deadlines -Available immediately

Employment Conditions:

Compensation: $40.00 USD via PayPal (upon review/approval).